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“Let me live, love and say it well in good sentences.”
― Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

…and most especially the best company of friends (and a very “cute” prof, I should not forget. Hahahaha :D) @surachanamod (at RSIS @ NTU)

My First Triathlon Experience (1 of 2)

When we were joking about the blog entry I’d be writing on my first triathlon experience and the probable tips for first timers (after all his check list, etc), I told Joe “Well, what I will write is just simple: have a boyfriend who will prepare all the things for you…”

or to be more accurate:

“…have a boyfriend who will prepare all the things for you and carry them while he paces your race (preferably the one who has experience with marathons) and has the cash to buy you the things you might lose 10 minutes before the race starts and of course, who will feed you after the race and most importantly, who can take good photos! 

For the preparation, just have a really good set of athletic friends who will train with you and see if you are progressing or not (even the fact that you are quite slow in doing these sports yet they will never leave you); a family who supports you across the miles, even you fail to answer their calls while you are training.”

It is so damn ridiculous and I was just laughing my ass out thinking about really writing it. However, coming to ponder about it, my triathlon experience is more than the physical advantages but more of building relationships and strengthening the existing ones.

I registered for the event last November 2013, as a friend told me if I’d be interested to join the duathlon (run and bike). I was thinking of doing a duathlon of cycling and swimming, but there was none. So I scanned through the organizer’s event and they have a triathlon for first-timers (250m Swim, 10k Cycle and 2.5 Run). Since I was planning to focus on my “fitness” in 2014, I thought why not sign in for the triathlon instead.

December was not a good time to start training as it is a festive time (Christmas – eating and eating) so I started to seriously swim-bike-run in January. The crucial thing for me was running as I HAVE NOT run for ages and to be honest, I really do not have any intention of doing it compared to swimming and cycling (which is my first love). No choice! I started running around February and I am so thankful until now to two of my officemates – Priya and Jo who kindly joined me in their regular jog after work. Cris, one of my housemates, was also supportive (as everyone seems to be loving running except me! lol). So they accompanied me whenever they do their jog. Mind you my first run was really terrible, I have to spend like 30 minutes just to finish a 2.5 km run and I was gasping like there is air is not free. 

As for biking, Ate Vicky and Kuya Mike have been my buddies ever since I started it. We would go for 20 to 40 km or max would be 60km. This one, I can definitely say saved my timing in the actual race (if I’d be more concern about it.) My actual timing for the cycle during the race was the fastest I had. 

Swimming is one of those sports that I love doing leisurely but not really thinking of doing it for a triathlon and in OPEN WATER. Yes, when they say it is totally a different feeling when you swim in the pool compared to a sea, that’s really true! It is also a fact that it is “physically” easier to swim in the sea because of bouyancy, but mentally it is more difficult and damn scary! 

Here are the reasons why: one, you can’t see anything but pure sea salt water; two, it is not rectangle or square that you could see the other end of it, three, once you started to swim, there is no turning back to hold on to the railings or if you get tired and fourth, there is no meters telling you how deep it is! Nevertheless, a swimming buddy would really help you to start training and religously go for it. (Thank you very much, Chi!)

So, my training plan was twice a week swim and run and do cycling during the weekends. Nearing the date of the event, Kuya Mike and I started doing everything in one training (and I even saved my results)…

…to be continued

My post-triathlon meal… Naks seryoso si chef! :) #singapore #joemaj
Finally, my first #triathlon medal… :) sunog balat at pagod but nothing beats the feeling of crossing that finished line!!!! Waaaahhh!!!:)) Thank you friends and family, and joe (naks special mention, alam mo na kung bakit) for all the support.. hehehe :D shall i do this again? Well, lets see! For now, enjoy muna ang fun memories, and sssuuuuunnnnn burn!!!!!!!:)) #swimming #cycling #biking #running #metasprint #singapore #fitness
Congrats to you @jsawit1 ! Was nice seeing you before your big day. :) all the best to your review and yes, sa uulitin! #philippines #latepost #manila #tosh
A short but a very fulfilling surprise visit back home for mom’s birthday :) this is one of those visits that i will surely remember. Nay, happy birthday!!! Always stay healthy and stress-free! We love you so much!!! Namiss ko na kayo agad!!! #philippines #home #60thbirthday #mother #family @iammoony
Missing the passenger seat… #roadtrip with @iammoony to 60th   #birthday celebration of mom in #batangas :) #philippines #vacation #duckface
For continuously making your loved ones proud… :) Congrats on your new book together with ate kat and the other brilliant authors of this masterpiece! feeling #happy while i was receiving your award! :)  #moderndefencebook #afp #philippines #joemaj
First #family #polaroid photo at mom’s #birthday lunch :) #vikings #philippines #surprise @iammoony  (at Vikings)

Grabe namiss ko sila!!!!! :) #dogs #love #philippines #home